Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Toraja Tulen Adventure Club


The regency of Tana Toraja has an area of 3.205,77 km2, consists of 15 districts, 116 villages and 27 villages head. The population of Tana Toraja regency currently around 650.000 inhabitan and approximately 1.200.000 people who live outside of the area of Tana Toraja or in other countries. Toraja ethnic has one local language, is the language of Toraja. This language is used in everyday communication, but some of them using the Indonesian language depend on the situation and conditions.
The people of Tana Toraja is known so friendly, living in harmony, peace and friendly with open hands greet visitors and their guests who come together in the traditional ceremonies in Tana Toraja, such as funeral ceremony. The majority of the population consists of ethnic Toraja, there are also other ethnic groups who live in this area because of various reasons such as married relationships, employment, trade and others.
Ethnic Toraja has a trust, that is Aluk Todolo or religion beliefs of Toraja ancestors. But through the process of acculturation and cultural assimilation, which is quite long. Now there are several religions that exist in Tana Toraja, among others: Christian Protestant 73%, Catholic 16%, Muslim 10,5% and Aluk Todolo 0,5%.

Before, the capital of Tana Toraja was Makale is but since the end of 2008, Tana Toraja has been divided into 2 districts namely North Toraja  and South Toraja. The capital of North Toraja is Rantepao and the capital of South Toraja is Makale. So, in Tana Toraja there are 2 small city of the capital regency namely Rantepao and Makale.

Topographic conditions of the area Tana Toraja are the mountainous areas, hilly and valley. Consist of 40% mountains with a height between 150 meter until 3.083 meter above sea level, 58% lowland area, swamps and rivers 2%. Lower part of Tana Toraja located in district Bonggakaradeng, while the highest in the area Rindingallo. Temperature average in Tana Toraja approximately between 15
° C until 28 ° C with humidity between 82% to 86%. Rainfall between 1.500 mm per year to 3.500 mm / year.

The Tana Toraja geological that influenced the formation of the mountain by mountain Latimojong which consists of various rock type such as: Soprin brown mix red color, Soprin Napalan gray, stone Gamping, stone Kwarsit, Gradorir and so on. The type of earth in Tana Toraja are: Soil Alluvial gray, Brown Forest, Mediterranean and Podsolit red yellow.

Tana Toraja has a very beautiful panorama and marvelous that consists of mountains, forests and rivers which sourced from the mountain springs to wet the rice fields, indicating that area of Tana Toraja is the area of Agriculture where the majority inhabitan of Tana Toraja as farmers. Tana Toraja region has fertile soil conditions for plantation and agriculture such as: rice, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, vegetables and fruits.

Forests in Tana Toraja still green that stretches from North to South to function as protectors of springs, preventing erosion and flooding. The wide of the forest area in Tana Toraja right now is 156.906 km2. Consisting of 138.101 km2 protected forests and 18.805 km2 productions forests. Condition of forest in Tana Toraja is great for the development of natural tourist area such as eco tourism and trekking.